The People Behind Atheist Shoes Will Drive a “Missionary Fun Bus” Through America May 20, 2016

The People Behind Atheist Shoes Will Drive a “Missionary Fun Bus” Through America

Remember Berlin-based Atheist Shoes?

David Bonney and his band of merry cobblers are back. America take note, because if their current Kickstarter campaign is a success, they’re going to be selling their handmade shoes from a small fleet of vans that will be criss-crossing the U.S.A.’s heartland.


Says Bonney,

This flipping huge awesome country is our number-one market, … [but] there’s so many people we haven’t yet reached. And how could we possibly reach them without the help of an Atheist Shoes Mobile Shoe Shop? Effectively, [it’s] an atheist missionary fun bus, which we would like to drive into the heart of real America, spreading our message of godless comfort and joy.

We’re going to buy a lovely old retro bus, fill it with shoes and friendly European atheists, and drive it all across America, especially to the places where atheists are least welcome. … This is about getting into the real heart of America, the kind of crazy places were people still like Ted Cruz, and Crocs. We’ll bring our relaxed European brand of atheism wherever we go.

If Bonney and his crew raise €15,000 (about $17,000), they’ll purchase and outfit one bus. €30,000 will put two buses on the road, et cetera.

Backers receive rewards ranging from socks and gym bags to, naturally, a pair of shoes (in one of 15 colors). On the Kickstarter page, the handmade shoes go for as little as $170 a pair — slightly less than the price on the company’s website — and Bonney says they’re guaranteed to fit; if the size isn’t right the first time, the company will cover the shipping on the exchange.

I’m in, and just ordered a pair — not because I need soles inscribed with Ich Bin Atheist, but because I like the shoes’ design, and, more importantly, because I really want to see how the atheist fun bus will be received in small-town America, especially in the South.

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