Podcast Ep. 108: David Smalley, Founder of Secular Media Group May 18, 2016

Podcast Ep. 108: David Smalley, Founder of Secular Media Group

We have a bonus mid-week episode!

David Smalley, host of the show Dogma Debate, was in my area a few days ago and took some time to chat with me about his new series of children’s books, the most effective ways to talk with people who disagree with us, and all things politics (Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and atheist candidates for office).


Smalley is a former Christian musician who became an atheist after studying psychology, sociology, world religions, and his own faith. He soon turned into a secular activist.

He was the editor-in-chief of Secular World and American Atheist magazines, the author of Baptized Atheist, and now runs the Secular Media Group.

His company will soon release a children’s book titled Tiny Thinkers: Charlie and the Tortoise, written by MJ Mouton.

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