Bizarre New Video Claims That Atheists Are At Risk of Demons Through Drug Abuse and GMOs May 17, 2016

Bizarre New Video Claims That Atheists Are At Risk of Demons Through Drug Abuse and GMOs

At least once or twice a decade, a new, manufactured drug panic breaks out. In the late eighties and early nineties, it was crack, the form of cocaine that national media like Time wrongly blamed for all kinds of uniquely horrible outcomes. Then came jenkem, a substance that yellow journalists and gullible authorities claimed was an inhalable hallucinogen made from human waste. The idea that this was actually a thing was mostly made up; and when too many people started looking foolish for having propagated the nonsense, they moved on to the next panic du jour.

Enter bath salts (users gnaw people’s faces off!), Meow Meow (kills scores of unsuspecting young people!), Krokodil (partakers become rotting zombies!), and, finally, Flakka (induces uncontrollable rage and screaming!).


Even CNN, which normally loves illicit-drug hype, has all but called the Flakka phenomenon an epidemic that never was.

But now, in a bizarre new YouTube video by STFNews that’s already scored 70,000 views and hundreds of concerned comments, the Flakka narrative is stoked all over again — and this time, the drug-eating monsters are atheists, who, on account of not having a wall of spiritual defense, are subject to “total zombification, i.e. demonic possession.”

Claims the narrator, over a collage of scary-looking video loops,

The dark side opens people up to such possessions through lack of faith and environmental conditions. And while this isn’t so much an issue with people of faith or orthodox practitioners, if your foundation is public education, if your dogma is militant atheism, substances like bath salts and flakka can be the ingredient that pushes you over the edge.

If your tastes run more to gin-and-tonics or mojitos, you’re by no means in the clear:

Even alcohol has the potential of channeling in evil spirits. In British English societies, hard liquor is called spirits. And it’s called spirits for a very good reason. Again, these are gateway substances, and when they’re added to the atheist psyche, anything is possible. If you’ve ever seen somebody turn bright red while they’re drinking, you’re basically watching demonic forces take over.

What if you use neither drugs nor alcohol — think you’re safe? Not on your life, thanks to GMOs, whose “intended purpose” is

changing the composition of people from a natural state to a unnatural state, from a natural vibration to an unnatural vibration.

Do you steer clear of genetically modified fare? Bad news: You’re still doomed, because

Nefarious agendas are at play, and just about everything out there these days is being spiked with chemicals to do you in.

STFNews — Stranger Than Fiction News — which, as mentioned, appears to be responsible for the video (unless they snatched it from someone else and slapped their logo on it) traffics in feverish stories about liberal conspiracies, chemtrails, and the dangers of fluoride.

Behold four-and-a-half-minutes of undiluted crazy — a jenkem-like cocktail of bullshit and vapors, with virtually no connection to known facts. Enjoy.

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