Missouri News Station Introduces Viewers to the “Satanists in Springfield” May 13, 2016

Missouri News Station Introduces Viewers to the “Satanists in Springfield”

After the uber-creepy trailer used to promote a segment about The Satanic Temple, a Springfield, Missouri news station actually offered a decent look at some of the local members.

The scary music was still there, but at least the voices of the members were heard.


One member of The Satanic Temple, is also a teacher in higher education, fearful for their position, explains why they hide their beliefs from the public.

“I likely wouldn’t have job for much longer, this is a distinct possibility of being a satanist. People need to realize the satanic temple is about compassion and liberty”

And as far as rituals go…

“Nothing grisly or gruesome about our rituals, it’s mainly just a way to intellectually decompress” says [member Rikki] Rodger.

No blood rituals, no sacrifices, no incantations spoken. Its for reasons like this that [professor of new religious movements] David Embree, is intrigued by the following The Satanic Temple has.

Their words — which say this is a non-theistic, somewhat-of-a-parody group that stands for religious freedom — don’t necessarily match the narrative of the piece, which suggests something much more frightening.

But if it gets people talking, more power to them.

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