Another Counseling Group Cancels Conference in Tennessee Due to Anti-Gay Law May 12, 2016

Another Counseling Group Cancels Conference in Tennessee Due to Anti-Gay Law

The other day, I mentioned that the American Counseling Association had canceled an upcoming conference in Nashville because Tennessee recently passed a law allowing religious counselors to deny service to gay patients. The move would cost the city $2.5 million in “direct visitor spending.”

Now another domino has fallen — and it’s a faith-based group to boot.


Colorado-based Centers for Spiritual Living had expected to bring more than 550 people to the Sheraton Music City Hotel in February for its three-day annual convention, which is considered on the small end of conventions Nashville attracts.

But the religious group — which represents 400 churches, ministries, study groups and teaching chapters, including two churches in Nashville — confirmed on Wednesday it will look for a new city because of the legislation signed into law two weeks ago by Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam.

When even other religious groups think your faith-based bigotry has gone too far, maybe it’s time to rethink the law.

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