Christian Pastor Says Men Who Play Video Games Are Losers Possessed by a “Retarded Spirit” May 11, 2016

Christian Pastor Says Men Who Play Video Games Are Losers Possessed by a “Retarded Spirit”

***Update***: Looks like the church deleted the video. Good thing I saved a copy.

Here’s the clip:

***Update 2*** (5/15): They filed a copyright claim on my video. So I’ll just direct you to one of the many, many mirrors:

Usually, when we see a pastor complaining about video games, it’s one of those retro clips from the 1980s. This one, courtesy of Faith Christian Center in Texas, is from just a couple of months ago.

Pastor Gene Lingerfelt goes off on men who play Xbox, blaming “that retarded spirit” for why beautiful young women in the church can’t find dates.


And don’t even get me started on the Xbox. And all of that. If you have callouses on your thumbs, you’re a loser. If you’re more than 18 years old and you’re still jackin’ around with that stuff… [does “L” gesture].

I curse that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

There are young gals in this church. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful young gals, and you know why they can’t get a date? ‘Cause that retarded spirit got onto young men.


Some of you women, you have my permission — blame me. He come home — I’m talking about your husband come home, and that’s gone. And don’t just throw it in the trash — he’ll go fish it out — you gotta put in the bathtub full of water before you throw it in the trash. Now don’t do that while it’s plugged in… [Laughter]

Ah, yes… throw away the thing that makes someone happy. Always the key to a great relationship.

Lingerfelt also called video games a “time waster.” Though if he knew anything about modern gaming, he’d know that it’s a way for a lot of people to socialize, talk to their friends, and just relax. (And that it’s not just men who play the games.)

But that would require doing a bit of research, and why bother with that when you know you’re already speaking for Jesus?

(via Christian Nightmares)

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