Evangelical Pastor Robert Morris: My Prayers Can Help Infertile Women Have Babies May 9, 2016

Evangelical Pastor Robert Morris: My Prayers Can Help Infertile Women Have Babies

During a sermon this past weekend, Pastor Robert Morris of Dallas’ Gateway Church — one of the largest in the country — explained how his prayers can cure infertile women.

Need proof? He once prayed for a woman who had had several miscarriages… and then she got pregnant. Take that, science!


Warren Throckmorton has the video, but here’s the relevant portion of the transcript:

I do wanna pray over a specific group of ladies. I do this nearly every Mother’s Day. Um, and that is, if you want to have a child. And the reason I do this is, for some reason, God has blessed this prayer when I pray it. And I don’t even know why or understand it.

I was getting my hair cut a while back in a specific, where I get my hair cut, and, um, they, there was this lady, I overheard her talking about miscarriages, and not being able to have a child, and she’d been praying for, I think, 12 or 13 years or something. And I just got so burdened, so we, I, just went over to her, and she got up at the same time I got up, and I said, ‘I’m sorry to overhear your conversation, but I’m pastor of a church, and would you mind if I pray for you?’ And so I prayed for her right there in the salon. And, um, um, she, uh, started coming to the church. She got saved. Her family got saved. And, uh, her husband, and they started coming to small group and she had a baby.

Besides the unbelievable Christian arrogance of Morris thinking his magic words have any impact on a stranger’s uterus, there is a nasty side to this whole story. Don’t assume that, at worst, his prayers do nothing.

Morris is sending a message to the women in his congregation that if they’re having fertility issues — multiple miscarriages or a physical inability to have children — his prayers can change all that. Forget seeing a doctor. Forget alternatives like sperm donation, or egg donors, or in vitro fertilization, or adoption. All you need is Jesus and it’ll happen to you. (And Morris is your conduit, so don’t forget to tithe!)

At no point in the sermon do you hear Morris state the obvious: “It’s possible I had nothing whatsoever to do with that woman getting pregnant.” But that’s another day in Jesusland for you.

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