Christians Will Host a Proselytizing Training Session the Night Before the Reason Rally May 8, 2016

Christians Will Host a Proselytizing Training Session the Night Before the Reason Rally

There’s now a full-blown Christian effort to preach to atheists at the Reason Rally on June 4. We knew Ray Comfort was going to be there evangelizing (and handing atheists Subway gift cards), but it appears they’re even doing a training on Friday night. Because when you talk to atheists, it requires preparation.

Pastor Andrew Rappaport explains the Reason Rally Outreach:


The Atheists will be having another “Reason Rally”. They will be gathering, which gives us a great opportunity to witness to 20,000 atheists in one day. Our hope is to get 1,000 Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. If you love to share the gospel or not this will be a great opportunity for you. With so many other believers sharing the gospel you will get to learn from other and enjoy great Christian fellowship.

It’s telling that they need training before approaching atheists. The idea here is that we’ll challenge them with arguments they don’t have responses to, so they need to know how to really get their message across. Given that trainer Ray Comfort’s past efforts have included exaggerated movies and a silly banana, this will inevitably be a crash course that takes the crash part literally.

Maybe a reader of this site would like to sign up and let us know what the training session is like? You’ll also get to see the first 10 minutes of Comfort’s new movie The Atheist Delusion; that alone is worth the price of admission.

It’s $25 to register. But listening to Christians talk to each other about how they’ll convert us en masse to make Daddy Jesus happy? Priceless.

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