Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi Insists God is Fixing the City’s Potholes May 6, 2016

Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi Insists God is Fixing the City’s Potholes

Last August, Mayor Tony Yarber of Jackson, Mississippi said on Twitter that he could pray away the potholes:


As if the city’s potholes had God-shaped holes in their hearts…

This week, Yarber released a PSA on YouTube announcing a program called “Pothole Blitz,” in which city workers are filling up the holes as quickly as possible:

That’s all well and good. I’m glad the problem is being dealt with. But I only see people in that video. Where’s the divine intervention?

That’s what J. Rutger Madison wanted to know:


It may be sarcastic, but it’s a fair point: These are machines and workers fixing the potholes, not God. It’s a human solution to a human problem.

Not to worry. Yarber replied and set the record straight:


There you go. God is totally part of this. Just check out the city’s infrastructure plans for proof.

That makes as much sense as telling people to look at a restaurant’s menu to see how God will satisfy their hunger. I see the chefs right there; God has nothing to do with this.

Talk about injecting the divine in an unnecessary place…

To paraphrase an email from Madison: Prayer really does fix potholes. It just takes a while. And requires patience. And heavy machinery. And elbow grease from teams of human beings. And an infrastructure plan adopted by city officials.

But once you have all those things in place, prayer works like a charm.

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