Custom Wristband CEO Donates Proceeds from Massive “Debunk Evolution” Order to Pro-Science Group May 6, 2016

Custom Wristband CEO Donates Proceeds from Massive “Debunk Evolution” Order to Pro-Science Group

RapidWristbands is one of those companies that makes custom wristbands for anyone who wants them. And that means anyone.

Recently, CEO Fiyyaz Pirani got an order from a Creationist ministry that wanted the message “Debunk Evolution” on a whopping 100,000 wristbands. (Who knows where they were going to hand those out.)

Pirani had no legal right to say no to them; it’s not like this was hate speech. But, as someone who understands science, he was conflicted.


So he decided the company wouldn’t keep the profits:

His solution? To donate the proceeds from the order — over $4000 — to the National Center for Science Education

“We admire’s way of responding to unwelcome orders,” commented NCSE’s executive director Ann Reid. “It’s more ethical than refusing to fulfill them—and more constructive.” She explained that the donation would support NCSE’s efforts to defend the teaching of evolution.

“I’m thrilled to donate to a cause I really believe in,” Pirani explained. “NCSE has labored for years to keep creationism out of the public schools, and I’m pleased that my company’s donation will help it continue its valuable work.”

That’s a wonderful way to handle the solution. No lawsuits. No complaints. Just redirecting what he believes to be tainted money.

Christian bakers could stand to learn a lesson from him.

(via NCSE)

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