Jamie Raskin, Maryland Democrat Running for Congress, Will Speak at the Reason Rally May 4, 2016

Jamie Raskin, Maryland Democrat Running for Congress, Will Speak at the Reason Rally

We can exclusively report that Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin, a Democrat fighting for a seat in the U.S. House this November, will be speaking at the Reason Rally. Sources have confirmed his presence at the event.


Raskin was embroiled in a semantic controversy this morning when the Washington Post alleged he wasn’t an atheist at all. You can read my full take on the issue right here.

In any case, after speaking with Roy Speckhardt of the American Humanist Association this afternoon, it seems much of this “controversy” is overblown. Raskin himself doesn’t use the word “atheist,” so saying he’s not an atheist doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t believe in a God.

In that sense, the Post headline may be incorrect. It’s possible he doesn’t believe in God, even if the way he describes himself doesn’t say that outright. There are many secular Jews in the country, after all.

I’ve reached out to his campaign to see if he’ll clarify the matter — is he, in fact, a non-theist? — and will make a separate post if I hear back.

No matter how that shakes out, though, Raskin will speak to a crowd of atheists at the Reason Rally on June 4. Given his progressive politics, I’m sure his speech will go over well with everyone.

It’d go over even better if he used the damned A word. Just sayin.

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