Lindsey Graham Says Lucifer May Be “the Only Person Trump Could Beat in a General Election” May 1, 2016

Lindsey Graham Says Lucifer May Be “the Only Person Trump Could Beat in a General Election”

Days after former Speaker of the House John Boehner called Ted CruzLucifer in the flesh,” Lindsey Graham used the devil to denounce Donald Trump.

On CBS’ Face the Nation this morning, Graham said that Lucifer was “the only person Trump could beat in a general election” and that “Trump polls like Lucifer” when it comes to women and Hispanics.


That’s pretty unfair to Lucifer, don’t you think?

Considering 20% of the country doesn’t even believe in the devil, they really have no reason to dislike him… and a lot of the people who do believe in Satan have no personal beef with him, and don’t attribute every bad thing in the world to him. They think of him as nothing more than a metaphor.

Meanwhile, Trump is alienating damn near everyone.

I’m just saying Lucifer would give him a good fight. Sure, Satan wouldn’t win over the Religious Right, but he’d get some support from all the other major voting blocs. He’d definitely have the votes of everyone in the #NeverTrump movement. And if Bernie Sanders‘ supporters are all “comrades,” and the primaries are open, they’re totally gonna vote for the guy in red.

It just makes sense.

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