Methodist Minister: Beheader Was Possessed By Demons, But After a Remote Exorcism He’s Totally Fine April 29, 2016

Methodist Minister: Beheader Was Possessed By Demons, But After a Remote Exorcism He’s Totally Fine

In October of 2013, Aljar Swartz strangled, stabbed, and beheaded a 15-year-old boy near Cape Town, South Africa in order to sell the victim’s body parts to a sangoma (diviner) for purposes of, you know, magic.

Swartz’ defense in a court of law? He wasn’t really guilty, on account of being possessed by demons. So, as one does, he enlisted the right honorable Reverend Cecil Begbie to confirm that diagnosis.

South African sangomas greeting each other (via Wikipedia)

Begbie, a life-long Methodist, testified that, in his expert opinion, Swartz had been beset by “a guardian demon” who’d told him to do bad things, “so he wasn’t in his right mind.” Luckily, Begbie could help, he said, and offered to do an exorcism on Swartz, in Pollsmoor prison.

The warden wouldn’t hear of it, so the good reverend did the next best thing: he conducted a group exorcism from miles away.

Begbie told the court that he had sent out the word to church groups to do a special prayer for Swartz, after his request to perform an exorcism was turned down by Pollsmoor. On Good Friday they all stretched out their arms towards the prison, and prayed.

Don’t scoff, heathen, because damn if the Lord didn’t come through and defeated Satan!

When Begbie visited Swartz last week Friday, he said he could see a radical change. Swartz told him that about three weeks ago, when the collective prayer was held, he felt that he was standing under a waterfall with pure, clean water flowing through his body.

It’s a miracle!

Yesterday, at Swartz’s sentencing hearing, the reverend affirmed to an incredulous judge that the murderer has been cleansed by the love of the Lord.

Begbie said Swartz had felt free of demons as a result of the prayers and was now able to sleep undisturbed. “He had peace of heart and mind, and had accepted Jesus into his heart and the Holy Spirit had descended on him.”

With God, all things are possible!

(Photo: “Sangomas greeting each other,” via Wikipedia, by Wizzy. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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