Brave Bangladeshi Bloggers Share Their Messages with CNN April 29, 2016

Brave Bangladeshi Bloggers Share Their Messages with CNN

Over the past couple of weeks in Bangladesh, we’ve heard about the murders of a professor who was believed (perhaps wrongly) to be an atheist, a gay rights activist, and one of his friends — just the latest in a string of fatal attacks against supposed critics of religion.


CNN spoke with three bloggers who remain in the country, but who could very well be the next victims of Islamic terrorists, to find out what they want the world to know.

While CNN was willing to keep them anonymous, the bloggers refused to hide that way. They didn’t want to give an inch to the extremists. That’s how brave they are.

Here’s what one of them said:

“When I heard that another online activist, Nazimuddin Samad, had been hacked to death, I didn’t feel any rage this time. All I could feel was a load of agony, tiresome discontent and bitter heartache!

It had been quite a few months since the last murder. Deep down in my heart, I was mentally prepared that maybe we would to lose a few more lives soon. Sometimes, it is just a relief to get the news that the latest victim is not me, it is still somebody else.

After my publisher, Faysal Arefin Deepon, was murdered, his father — a Dhaka university professor and a renowned Bangladeshi intellectual — said he would not seek justice, “as I know there is no justice out there for me.”

My goodness… it’s all just heartbreaking and frightening. But this is what it means to be an atheist in a country where asking questions or challenging the most sacred beliefs of others can get you killed — by people who believe God grants them morality.

Read all their statements right here.

(Screenshot via CNN)

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