Ray Comfort: I’ll Also Be at the Reason Rally… to Convert All the Atheists April 28, 2016

Ray Comfort: I’ll Also Be at the Reason Rally… to Convert All the Atheists

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort, he of Banana Nightmare fame, will be at the Reason Rally… though not at the invitation of anyone organizing the event.

Comfort will be on the other end of the Mall on June 4, just away from the Lincoln Monument where the Rally is taking place, preaching and generally trying to convert anyone who crosses his path:


We will be at the other end of the Mall, filming open-air preaching — where we’re sure that we will get a few colorful hecklers.

We will be giving away 5,000 copies of our new evangelistic book, Fat Chance: Why pigs will fly before America has an atheist president.

All the more reason to arrive at the Rally early. The closer you are to the Lincoln Memorial, the further away you’ll be from the Jesus Praisers. And let’s face it: Getting away from those people is part of why many of you are coming to the Rally in the first place.

Though I’ll say this: I know a lot of atheists who have met Comfort. Very few have anything bad to say about him. He’s a preacher, yes, but he’ll actually have a conversation with you, unlike a lot of people who just enjoy the sound of their own voices.

Also, you’ll get gift cards to Subway.

NOTE: We will also be giving away $25,000 worth of Subway gifts cards with these books, as a token of our genuine love for atheists (one card will go into each book).

And atheists say Jesus never did anything for them…

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