Daughter of Slain Bangladeshi Professor Says Her Father Wasn’t Even an Atheist April 24, 2016

Daughter of Slain Bangladeshi Professor Says Her Father Wasn’t Even an Atheist

The Islamic State supposedly murdered 58-year-old Professor Rezaul Karim Siddique because he was “calling to atheism,” whatever that meant.

It was a strange statement, given that someone who worked with Siddique told reporters “he never wrote or spoke against religion in public.”

Now his daughter is going even further. It’s not that her father was keeping his atheism under wraps, she said. He wasn’t even an atheist in the first place.


… his daughter Rizwana Hasin told the BBC that her father believed in God, and that she had no idea why he was targeted.

“The investigators are investigating still, and we are still waiting to see the results,” she said.

“We still don’t know what was the reason. Maybe [a] misunderstanding, maybe something else. It’s still a maybe for me and it’s still a maybe for my family.

It shows you just how radical these Islamic terrorists are. They’ve already killed Bangladeshi bloggers who were actively promoting atheism online. Now, it seems, they’re going after people who were merely accused of being associated with atheism. It’s a modern day witch hunt, except the victim doesn’t even get a chance to defend himself.

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