It Seems the Gay Pastor Who Tried To Sue Whole Foods Was Desperate for Cash April 22, 2016

It Seems the Gay Pastor Who Tried To Sue Whole Foods Was Desperate for Cash

I don’t know how this is even possible, but the controversy involving an Austin, Texas Whole Foods store and a gay pastor who claimed the store’s bakery added a slur to his “Love Wins” cake just got even stranger.

Last we heard, after Pastor Jordan D. Brown filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods, the company came back with security footage that seemed to prove the pastor had in fact tampered with the cake after purchasing it. They filed a countersuit against him.


How do you get stranger than that?

Reporters are now digging into Brown’s life and discovering some interesting things.

1) Several weeks ago, Brown defaulted on his $27,000 in student loans. He had simply stopped paying it, presumably because he didn’t have the cash to do it. A lawsuit was filed against him as a result.

2) KXAN News found that the home address for Brown listed in the lawsuit matched the address on his church’s website. They both lead to an apartment complex. It’s not necessarily weird that a church meets in an apartment “social hub”… but a manager at the complex said the church doesn’t meet there. So what gives?

Both of those details point to a man who was desperate for money. In the second case, at least, we know damn well that starting a church has made some despicable people very rich.

Perhaps, then, this lawsuit against Whole Foods was just a way to win attention, sympathy, and a whole lot of money from a big corporation. He just wasn’t smart enough to pull it off.

Here’s some free advice for the future: If you want sympathy from the LGBT community and its allies, saying that you were mistreated by Whole Foods of all places is like tripping right out of the starting gate. You gotta do a little better than that.

According to KXAN, neither Brown nor his attorney have commented on this story since the security footage came out.

(Thanks to Richard for the link)

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