Christian “Coach” Dave Daubenmire Makes the Case for Why “Discrimination is a Good Thing” April 19, 2016

Christian “Coach” Dave Daubenmire Makes the Case for Why “Discrimination is a Good Thing”

In a video released yesterday, “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, standing outside an abortion clinic, tried to make the case for why discrimination is perfectly okay.

Bigotry, he says, is bad. But discrimination? Fine!

It all leads to his point that discrimination against transgender individuals isn’t bigotry. It’s discrimination. And that’s why it’s perfectly acceptable.


… Listen, folks. Discrimination is a good thing. To discriminate means to look at two objects and say, well golly, this one’s tall and this one’s short. Discriminate means to look at differences. We discriminate all the time. You go shopping, you discriminate! Am I gonna buy this suit or this suit? Discrimination is a good thing,

Bigotry is not a good thing. Bigotry is saying, “Well, I’m not gonna ever go out with some short white guy. I hate short white guys.” That’s bigotry. That’s different than discrimination.

So let me make this whole problem very, very easy for all of us. This whole bathroom bill and gender neutral restrooms? Folks! Let’s discriminate! Let’s make it very simple. If you have a penis, you go in this restroom. If you have a vagina, you go in this restroom.

That’s not bigotry! That’s good, healthy discrimination.

Penises, this line. Vaginas, this line. And the whole problem goes away.

By his own words, though, discrimination is bigotry. He’s saying, “I’m not ever gonna go to the bathroom with someone who doesn’t share my genitalia! I hate people in restrooms who don’t share my genitalia!”

Daubenmire also forgets that if we’re going strictly by genitals, this could happen:

Not that logical arguments will change his mind. He’s got God on his side. That means rational thought goes right out the window.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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