We’d Like to Properly Caption All the Atheist Voice Videos April 17, 2016

We’d Like to Properly Caption All the Atheist Voice Videos

***Update***: We have enough volunteers! Thank you all!

I’ve had a number of requests from readers who want to watch the videos on our Atheist Voice YouTube channel, but they’re unable to because they’re deaf and the automatic captions provided by YouTube are often inaccurate. (We provide the script in the description, but it’s not nearly the same as having the captions right on the video itself.)


There’s a simple way to add captions, but it takes a little bit of time. So we’re looking for a handful of volunteers willing to assist us. Maybe 6 people or so?

If you’re able to help, we’ll provide you with the tools/scripts you need, and I’ll throw in a signed book if you’d like that. Just email me here and we’ll get working on this very soon. Thank you in advance!

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