Kenyan Government Finally Grants Official Recognition to Atheist Group April 10, 2016

Kenyan Government Finally Grants Official Recognition to Atheist Group

The last time we heard about Harrison Mumia and his group Atheists in Kenya, he was trying to officially register his organization (kind of like applying for U.S. non-profit status). It didn’t work. he was rejected because, according to registrar Maria Nyariki, giving them official status would ruin the country:


The Registrar has reasonable cause to believe that the interests of peace welfare or good order in Kenya would be likely to suffer prejudice by reason of your registration as a Society.

But I’m happy to say the decision has been reversed. The approval was granted in February, though the atheists only received the paperwork a couple of days ago. It makes them the first and only registered atheist group in the country (so far).

It’s not exactly clear why the government finally gave them approval after initially saying no — maybe the threat of an appeal did the trick — but it’s a happy ending either way.

Now that the registration is complete, let’s hope the group members stay safe and continue to spread reason wherever they go.

(Thanks to Sean for the link. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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