German Pastafarians Are Suing Over the Right to Post Public Signs Advertising Their Meetings April 9, 2016

German Pastafarians Are Suing Over the Right to Post Public Signs Advertising Their Meetings

Germany, which doesn’t have the kind of church/state separation that we do in the U.S., has signs right as you enter some cities telling you when local churches gather. The local Catholic Church, for example, meets at 10:30a on Sunday.

That’s why, back in 2014, a group of Pastafarians requested signs of their own in the city of Templin — and it worked!

Church sign in Templin (via Rüdiger Weida)

But now, Brandenburg Culture Minister Sabine Kunst says the Pastafarians have no right to put up the signs because they’re not a real religion:

… Kunst declared that because the spaghetti monster followers were not officially designated as a religious community, they would therefore have to remove the signs.

The Pastafarians are now taking the state to court:

“No matter what happens, the opposition has shot themselves in the foot,” Brother Spaghettus, also known as Rüdiger Weida, told Jetzt, because either they will allow the signs to be set up again, “or we will take it to the next level court.”

Brother Spaghettus. Damn, I love these people.

The point isn’t that the religion is considered a parody; it’s that the government shouldn’t get to decide what constitutes a real religion. In case it matters, the Pastafarian Church is considered an “ideological community” if not a religious one. That’s why they were allowed to post the signs in the first place.

The first hearing will take place on Wednesday.

(via Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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