Pakistani Fundamentalists Are Fighting For the Right of Men to Kill Daughters and Wives April 7, 2016

Pakistani Fundamentalists Are Fighting For the Right of Men to Kill Daughters and Wives

Islamist hardliners in Pakistan have their own idea of “deeply held religious beliefs,” and that includes the right of men to beat and murder their wives and daughters.

The lads are up in arms over the Protection of Women Against Violence Bill,

… which effectively criminalizes violence against women in Punjab — the country’s most populous region. Before the law was officially enacted on March 1, diehard extremists attempted to block the legislation, saying it would “destroy the family system in Pakistan” and “add to the miseries of women.”

‘Cause all right-thinking men know that nothing makes women more miserable than being protected from men’s savagery.


Angry opponents have been agitating for the law’s repeal. One of those foes is parliamentarian Muhammad Khan Sherani, who is in favor of (wait for it) a “traditional family life.”

He claimed the protection act was “un-Islamic,” saying: “The law seems to have the objective of pushing women out of the home, and increase their problems.”

His fellow believer Maulan Fazlur Rehman, head of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl party, piously pointed out that the new law contradicts

“… the Holy Qur’an, the life of Muhammad, the constitution of Pakistan, and the values of our country.”

Rehman believes no good can come of “the blind following of American and European cultures,” and rejects a woman’s right not to be beaten or killed as “a Western conspiracy.”

More than a thousand women are known to have been killed in Pakistan last year for having “dishonored” their families, but that already horrible number is almost certainly underreported, and honor killing cases are thought to be on the rise.

More here, here, and here.

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