Oklahoma is a Step Closer to Putting an Illegal Ten Commandments Monument on Capitol Grounds April 7, 2016

Oklahoma is a Step Closer to Putting an Illegal Ten Commandments Monument on Capitol Grounds

Last month, the Oklahoma State Senate approved a ballot measure that would allow citizens to vote on whether or not to put a Ten Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds.

It was a new way to get the monument back on government grounds after the previous one was declared illegal by the state’s Supreme Court. This particular ballot measure, Senate Joint Resolution 72, would repeal the part of the State Constitution preventing public money from being used for religious purposes.

Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma (via James Nimmo)

Yesterday the House Rules Committee unanimously approved the same measure. It’ll now be sent to the entire House for a vote.

The legislation is right on track for approval by the Governor and voters — but keep in mind that, even if it goes on the ballot and voters choose to bring the monument back on Capitol grounds, we’d be right back to square one. Church/state separation grounds could still sue based on what the U.S. Constitution says, and groups like the Satanic Temple would almost immediately file applications to place their own monuments in the same general location.

It’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

But this is what we’ve come to expect from Oklahoma when it involves religion.

(Thanks to @HauntedSkeptic_ for the link. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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