Saturday Night Live‘s “Establishment Shuffle” Mocks Republican Bigotry April 6, 2016

Saturday Night Live‘s “Establishment Shuffle” Mocks Republican Bigotry

I have no idea why this didn’t appear on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, but the “Establishment Shuffle” is a hilarious look at what leading Republicans are thinking during this campaign. Bonus points for working in North Carolina’s anti-gay Governor Pat McCrory.


If you think Muslims are the worst,
Come hang with us. We said that first!
So everybody, gather ’round.
And watch the Establishment boogey down.

Now let me make it hot in herre.
I’m North Carolina’s Governor.
I passed a new law for you and me,
So trans people can’t watch kids pee.

For those of you who don’t live in Chicago or weren’t alive in the ’80s, this is what the parody is based on. Now excuse me while I go yell at the kids on my lawn…

(Seriously, how did this not make it in the show?)

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