Glenn Beck: The Founding Fathers “Wove the Bible Directly into the Constitution” April 6, 2016

Glenn Beck: The Founding Fathers “Wove the Bible Directly into the Constitution”

Glenn Beck almost said something sensible on his show yesterday.

He was talking to a caller who said she supported Ted Cruz because he “makes the Bible his compass and bases his standards on something that is unchangeable.” Beck explained that you don’t need to follow the Bible to live out what the Founding Fathers wanted. (That’s where the sensible stuff ended.)


“You don’t necessarily have to use the Bible as you compass,” Beck said, “because the founders used the Bible as the compass to enact the laws of the Constitution. The laws, the amendments are all based on natural law and God’s law. So, our politicians, all they need to do is use the Constitution as their compass and they’ll be in line with nature’s God and nature’s laws.

Good idea. Wrong reasons.

But I could at least get on board with that. How about we start by following the First Amendment and remembering the Establishment Clause? They may be God’s laws in Beck’s mind, but church/state separation in one of the very reasons we’re a country. Electing Cruz, like the caller wants, would mean rolling back the Constitution, not upholding it. Cruz would appoint Antonin Scalia-like Supreme Court justices who have no problem running this country like a Christian theocracy. To hell with women, LGBT people, and other minorities who get in the way of what Cruz and his Christian cronies think is best for this country.

Speaking of which, the caller said she liked Cruz because he based his standards on “something that is unchangeable.” Only with religion is stubbornness a positive quality. Smarter Presidents would adjust their thinking as new evidence came to light. Not Cruz. He pledges to remain ignorant no matter what reality says.

I don’t see how anyone who cares about LGBT people or women could vote for any of the current Republican candidates when they all brag about taking away rights from those groups — or leaving it up to the states, where they can take them away. For all their talk about the Constitution, their own stated policies would go a long way toward dismantling it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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