There’s Finally a Billboard Up in Los Angeles Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy April 5, 2016

There’s Finally a Billboard Up in Los Angeles Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy

Back in February, I posted about an anti-Scientology billboard that was supposed to go up in Los Angeles. It criticized the idea of Disconnection — the idea that current Scientologists can have no meaningful contact with ex-Scientologists, even within their own families.


Unfortunately, the billboard company Outfront Media canceled its contract with former Scientologist Phil Jones. It was canceled on a technicality involving the artwork, but it’s hard to believe the message itself (and how it would upset powerful local Scientologists) had nothing to do with it.

Another billboard company, Regency Outdoor, also refused to put it up.

But none of that matters now, since Lamar Media finally accepted the money.

Jones told Scientology watchdog Tony Ortega why he was so thrilled that the sign was approved:

We hope this billboard inspires hope. There are children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends who want to see their loved ones again. Our voices together will break down the barrier Scientology has put up. Believe me, there is hope. We will break through.

Jones and his partner Willie, both of whom left the Church, haven’t been able to speak with their two children in years because of the Disconnection rule.

I don’t know if this billboard will change that, but maybe it’ll help casual observers realize how fucked up this Church really is.

(Thanks to @Betsy_Manning for the link)

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