After Atheist/Satanist Book Giveaway, Some Christians Get That It Was About Equal Treatment April 2, 2016

After Atheist/Satanist Book Giveaway, Some Christians Get That It Was About Equal Treatment

Following yesterday’s distribution of Satanic coloring books and atheist literature at Delta Middle School (and a local high school) in Colorado, it’s worth mentioning what the other side had to say about it.


Remember: This was a defensive strategy for the atheists. The Gideons wanted to give away bibles, the administration wanted to allow them to give away bibles, and only then did the other groups demand equal representation.

And it looks like some Christian parents and students in the community understood that:

I think it’s OK that they put their pamphlets out, because I want Christian pamphlets or Bibles to be put out as well. I just didn’t want anybody to be strong-armed into something that they didn’t want,” [mother Laura] Herren said.

Abby Wear, an eighth-grade student at Delta Middle School, came to pray with her family. Abby also said the Satanic and atheist pamphlets should be allowed in the schools.

“At first I didn’t want them to put pamphlets in the schools, but I want Christians and others to be able to, so the atheists should, too,” she said.

How representative is that of other Christians in the District? I don’t know. I can’t imagine it’s the norm. But at least these people get it. The non-religious groups aren’t asking for special treatment. They’re merely asking for the same opportunity that Christians are given. No public school district can say no to one group and yes to another.

All that said, the same Christians decided to hold a prayer circle outside the high school on Friday to “pray for their community”… as if that will help. Look: If the community needs help, yesterday’s book distribution only amplified a problem that was already there. But credit where it’s due. The response could have been much worse.

(Thanks to Martin for the link)

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