Anti-Choice Activist Says Women Should Absolutely Be Punished for Having Abortions March 31, 2016

Anti-Choice Activist Says Women Should Absolutely Be Punished for Having Abortions

We know conservatives want to see legalized abortion banned. We know conservatives frequently call abortion “murder.” Hell, abortion providers have been assassinated by Christians for helping people with a procedure that, by the way, plenty of evangelical women have obtained.

After all that, is it really any surprise that Donald Trump, who never bothered to study these issues that he suddenly cares so much about, would say that women have to be punished for having an abortion if the ban ever went into effect?

It’s simply the logical end to all that conservative rhetoric: Abortion is murder, and murderers must be punished.


Conservatives will try to spin that to say it’s the doctors, not the women, who should be punished. That’s what Trump did hours later. But that argument also makes no sense. If you pay a hitman to kill somebody and you both get caught, it’s not like you get to walk away scot-free while the hitman alone goes to prison. Furthermore, punishing the doctors effectively means punishing the women — since they would have to resort to back-alley methods for their abortions lest they carry the burden of responsibility for putting that doctor behind bars.

Trump and the conservatives defending him shouldn’t be allowed to twist their way out of this. The “pro-life” crowd that wants legal abortion banned have to tell us what punishments they believe should be in place for people who eventually defy the law. It’s notoriously hard to get them to do that.

At least “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, an anti-choice conservative, is consistent on this matter. He wants abortion banned. When that happens, he wants women who have abortions punished. And he thinks Donald Trump — at least the version of Trump who didn’t “clarify” his comments later — is the “most pro-life candidate of them all.”


“Donald Trump said a woman, if she kills her baby, ought to pay a price,” Daubenmire said. “If the dad takes a gun and shoots the unborn child, don’t they charge him with murder? [Ted] Cruz and [John] Kasich, they just want to charge the doctor. Well, the woman is the one most responsible! She’s the one hiring the doctor to kill the baby! Friends, when we have laws without punishment, our laws are merely suggestions. Of course a woman should be punished when killing her baby! Of course she should. Donald Trump is the most pro-life candidate of them all.”

You can criticize his views from top to bottom, but at least his argument has a logical consistency to it.

The fact is: Abortion isn’t murder because murder involves the taking of a life. And a fetus, certainly in the first trimester when most women have abortions, isn’t a human in any meaningful sense.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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