Donald Trump Says Women Who Have Abortions Deserve “Some Form of Punishment” March 30, 2016

Donald Trump Says Women Who Have Abortions Deserve “Some Form of Punishment”

Donald Trump said in a Town Hall interview with Chris Matthews (airing later tonight on MSNBC) that women who have abortions need to have “some form of punishment.” (Edit: It was later clarified that this punishment would be in effect only if abortion were made illegal. I don’t see how that makes things any better since outlawing abortion, which Trump wants, would also be a disaster.)

Whether that’s a fine or jail time, Trump wasn’t sure, since he never likes to think through any of his grand ideas, but the implication was clear: Women who exercise their reproductive rights need to be penalized for it.

Meanwhile, Trump is still defending his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who’s been charged with battery for grabbing a reporter. “I don’t discard people,” Trump said.


So there you go, women. If you want a safe and legal abortion, be sure you’re working for Donald Trump first. Problem solved.

Whether this hurts Trump in the polls remains to be seen, but realize that the other Republican candidates aren’t any better on the issue. Their greatest asset may be never answering the question of what punishment a woman deserves after an abortion.

Both Ted Cruz and John Kasich have repeatedly talked about the need to defund Planned Parenthood for offering the procedure. Cruz once outlined a way to outlaw abortion if he could.

These positions are really no different from Trump’s — and they’ve absolutely thought through the issue. (At least Trump has said in the past that Planned Parenthood does good work other than abortions.)

Point being: If you think reproductive rights matter, you’re not going to find any support in today’s Republican Party. Don’t reward them with your vote.

***Update***: Trump’s campaign is already walking back on this one:

Leaving women’s rights to the states wouldn’t solve the problem of anti-choice legislators who want to prevent women from having abortions. This hardly makes Trump look any better.

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