We’re (Seriously) Giving Away a God’s Not Dead 2 Prize Package March 29, 2016

We’re (Seriously) Giving Away a God’s Not Dead 2 Prize Package

The noxious fumes of rotten tomatoes must have led to a haze of confusion for the God’s Not Dead 2 folks who chose us, Friendly Atheist, to give away an official movie prize package to celebrate the film’s April 1st release — and we’re going with it.

So let’s do a thought bubble caption contest, shall we?


In this scene Melissa Joan Hart‘s character, the “persecuted” Christian teacher, stands trial for quoting Jesus to her public high school class, while the “atheist” prosecuting lawyer, played by Ray Wise, drops a series of sinister glares and straw man arguments.

Either base your captions on what we know of the film or get super weird with it and forget the known context of this scene. Just makes us laugh.

The prize package includes:

· The book “Man, Myth, Messiah: Answering History’s Greatest Question” by Rice Broocks, bestselling author of God’s Not Dead
· Postcard
· Mini-poster
· GND2 bag
· Pen

It’s your business what you do with the loot, just don’t send it back to us.

To enter, post your thought bubble captions in the comments section of this post (or do it on our Facebook post right here).

We’ll select one winner by 11:59p this Thursday night (3/31) based on who amuses us the most.

… and GO!

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