Muslim Man in U.K. Is Murdered For His Beliefs (But It’s Not What You Think) March 28, 2016

Muslim Man in U.K. Is Murdered For His Beliefs (But It’s Not What You Think)

Last Thursday night in Glasgow, an assailant stabbed local shopkeeper Asad Shah 30 times and stomped on his head, killing him.

Islamophobia? More like Ahmadiphobia: police say the murderer is a 32-year-old Sunni Muslim who became enraged by this message that Mr. Shah, an Ahmadi Muslim, posted on social media just four hours before his death:


Upcoming special event ;-  GOOD FRIDAY AND VERY HAPPY EASTER ESPECIALLY TO MY BELOVED CHRISTIAN NATION X ! BISMILLAH ……, Lets Follow the Real Footstep of Beloved Holy JESUS CHIRST (PBUH) And Get The Real Success In Both Worlds  xxxx

Such love and magnanimity toward believers of a different stripe is not be tolerated, decided Mr. Shah’s attacker, who is now in custody.

In Pakistan, Ahmadi Muslims are frequently targeted with violence, and sometimes killed, for religious infractions like reading the Qur’an (the logic goes that because they are not “real” Muslims, they soil the book by handling it).

Two years ago, Mehdi Ali Qamar, a doctor from Lancaster, Ohio, was murdered — shot 11 times in front of his wife and their two-year-old child — when he went back to Pakistan for a week’s worth of volunteer work at a heart clinic.

In the U.K., too, the invective and calls for violence are all too real. The Independent reminds us, in an article about “inter-Muslim hatred in Britain,” that

These are not isolated incidents. Last month a group of Muslims in Scunthorpe protested against an Ahmadi mosque being built, and there have been reports of similar incidents elsewhere around the country. In 2010, The Independent reported of hardline Muslims in west London calling for Ahmadis to be killed. In Tooting, mainstream Sunni preachers were found to have urged follower to boycott Ahmadi businesses. … The persecution of British Ahmadis by other Muslims has become worryingly normalized.

The hypocrisy has risen to the level of insanity.

An alarmingly large number of Muslims who call for tolerance for their own beliefs seem unwilling to afford that tolerance to other minorities.

If that persists (and I’m sadly confident that it will), we’ll see more horrific events like the brutal killing of a gentle shopkeeper — and yesterday’s Easter bombing of Pakistani Christians picnicking in a park in Lahore, carried out by the fundies of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

As for Asad Shah, an online fundraiser has been set up by some of his customers in support of his grieving family. At this writing, donations total more than $117,000.

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