Texas Atheist Drops Anti-Cross Lawsuit to Protect Wife from Vengeful Christians March 24, 2016

Texas Atheist Drops Anti-Cross Lawsuit to Protect Wife from Vengeful Christians

A few years ago, I had a brief obsession with Patrick Greene. He’s an atheist from Texas who alienated many in our own community, got help from Christians when he needed eye surgery, ignored the help given to him by atheists, told the Christian media that he had converted to Christianity, and then deconverted back.

Besides constantly flip-flopping on faith for reasons that have nothing to do with reason, he was known for filing a lot of lawsuits, many of which were frivolous. For example, he filed a lawsuit against Ray Comfort for selling a bumper sticker that said April Fool’s Day should be called “National Atheist’s Day.”

You know things are bad when atheists have to defend Ray Comfort’s freedom of speech.

His latest lawsuit — he’s back in the news now — was over a 19-story-tall cross in Corpus Christi. The groundbreaking ceremony for the attraction took place in early February and some local government members were on hand for it:

This is a different giant cross. Because there can never be enough of them.
This is a different giant cross. Because there can never be enough of them.

Mayor [Nelda] Martinez, Council Member Carolyn Vaughan and Council Member Lucio Rubio were all present at the groundbreaking.

The man who filed the lawsuit says if those city officials had attended the event as private citizens, or just attended and had not officially endorsed the project, he wouldn’t have a problem. But because he says the mayor gave this project a commendation that makes it a violation of the Texas constitution.

It’s a fine line, but there’s an argument to be made that a giant cross is as much a tourist attraction as it is a Christian symbol. I wouldn’t be surprised if government officials showed up for the opening of Ken Ham‘s Ark Encounter theme park (though I might question their judgment). I’d be more disturbed if the politicians said citizens should convert to Christianity, but there’s no evidence of that taking place.

I’m happy to say, though, that Greene has dropped the lawsuit. He’s flip-flopping again. It’s not because he realizes he has no case, but because he wants to focus on the health of his wife:

Patrick Greene of San Antonio confirmed to KRIS 6 News that his wife’s recent health problems are why he’s backing away. In an email response he stated, “I do not want this lawsuit complicating her life, especially with the revenge attitudes of many Christians.”

Umm…. right. As if local pastors were going to come after her.

In any case, I hope she gets better. But it’s really for the best that this lawsuit isn’t going anywhere. It wasn’t going to lead to the cross project ending prematurely or the politicians losing their jobs.

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