Homophobia Exists Even Among Brilliant Scientists March 22, 2016

Homophobia Exists Even Among Brilliant Scientists

You expect to see elements of homophobia at churches or schools full of immature kids. But not when a group of scientists get together. What could they possibly have against expressions of LGBT pride?

That’s why it’s surprising to see what’s happening at CERN, the home of the Large Hadron Collider and many brilliant minds:


THE world-renowned European particle physics laboratory Cern, near Geneva, is embroiled in a homophobia row with scientists in its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) club who have suffered abuse including hate-filled emails and anti-gay graffiti on its noticeboards.

At least one researcher has been formally disciplined after being caught on video surveillance cameras defacing posters, but others are thought to be involved too. LGBT Cern group members say the abuse has gone on for years with posters advertising meetings and social events ripped down, or defaced with words such as “schwein” (German for pig).

To be sure, it appears to be the work of a small handful of people. Most scientists are CERN are overwhelmingly supportive of their LGBT colleagues. But even a small handful of bigots seems out of place in a lab like that.

The bright spot to all this is that the actions aren’t tolerated. One person’s been disciplined, but if others are discovered to be responsible for this, they’ll no doubt face punishment, too.

How many churches can say the same?

(Thanks to Statistique for the link)

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