Expected Highway Expansion for Noah’s Ark Theme Park Left Out of Kentucky House Construction Plan March 22, 2016

Expected Highway Expansion for Noah’s Ark Theme Park Left Out of Kentucky House Construction Plan

Because the Noah’s Ark theme park is slated to open this summer, the officials in Williamstown, Kentucky have been counting on its success as they plan out their budgets. In fact, four years ago, they specifically listed an $11 million highway widening on I-75 (at the Ark Encounter exit) to accommodate all the extra traffic they were expecting. You can see it in the town plan on p. 104.


That money was in the state’s original road construction plan for the near future… but suddenly, the Ark Encounter Highway money isn’t there anymore. And the Republican who requested it is blaming the Democrat-led House for trying to screw over God:

Road improvements intended to accommodate heavy traffic headed to the Noah’s Ark park attraction in Grant County are among the projects deleted or delayed in the Kentucky House’s version of the state’s two-year road construction plan.

House Republicans charged that majority Democrats helped themselves in the plan — advancing projects in their own districts at the expense of Republican districts, including the ark park work planned in the district of Rep. Brian Linder, R-Dry Ridge.

“This political partisanship has got to stop… At some point we need to really stop worrying about who’s in control of the House and start worrying about who’s in control of the universe,” Linder said. “The only thing I can think of is either you’ve got something against me or you’ve got something against God.”

The Democrats claim God has nothing to do with it. They have less money available than they originally thought due to a low gas tax rate. I don’t know if that’s really the problem, but it’s a stretch to claim this is an attempt to stifle the theme park or get revenge against God or Linder.

Not extending the highway won’t make much of a difference, especially when you take into account how Answers in Genesis inflated their projected attendance numbers. (Remember: Lying is okay if you do it in the name of Jesus.)

Senate Republicans will still get a chance to revise the House’s budget bill, so there’s a chance the expansion could still happen. But that just tells you how this is about politics, not some anti-Christian sentiment.

(Thanks to Dan for the link)

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