Of Course the Creation Museum is Getting a Mini-Golf Course… March 18, 2016

Of Course the Creation Museum is Getting a Mini-Golf Course…

It looks like the Creation Museum will be undergoing an expansion:


Rezoning 54.9 acres of land around the current museum would allow for a 210,000-square-foot, three-level museum building and a 25,000-square-foot building which would include the gift shop and ticketing.

The museum expansion plans also include employee and visitor parking, outdoor attractions and two other buildings. Mini-golf and a petting zoo expansion are planned for the outdoor areas, as well as shelters and gardens.

Mini-golf makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

After all, Creationists have a habit of taking things that are normally long, shrinking them down for the sake of convenience, pretending that it’s the same thing, and hoping children won’t know the difference.

(Image via tornadoflight / Shutterstock.com. Thanks to Dan for the link)

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