Atheist Rob Sherman Wins Green Party Nomination for Congress from Illinois District March 16, 2016

Atheist Rob Sherman Wins Green Party Nomination for Congress from Illinois District

Rob Sherman, a longtime atheist activist from Illinois (who’s been off the religion radar for quite some time), won his primary last night, earning the chance to represent the Green Party in a race for U.S. Congress from the state’s 5th District.

That’s the interesting news.

The more depressing news is that the numbers don’t look very promising:


I’m including the other districts just so you can get a sense of what the general election will look like.

Sherman’s platform includes getting rid of Christmas as a federal holiday, adding a holiday called “Science Day” on what’s currently New Year’s Eve, taking God off our money, removing God from the Pledge of Allegiance, getting rid of the “Christian Taliban from the United States Military by launching a Congressional investigation into unconstitutional proselytizing at the Air Force Academy and anywhere else that it exists in our Armed Forces,” and reducing global warming.

Because why the hell not?

Democratic Mike Quigley is the incumbent in this District. In 2014, he won with more than 116,000 votes to the Green Party nominee’s 11,000.


So we’re talking a major uphill climb, with a platform that not even a lot of atheists would support. But an atheist will officially be on the ballot. That’s something, I guess.

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