Creationist Ken Ham Thinks Atheists Oppose His Noah’s Ark Theme Park Because We’re Anti-Christian March 15, 2016

Creationist Ken Ham Thinks Atheists Oppose His Noah’s Ark Theme Park Because We’re Anti-Christian

Ken Ham knows why atheist bloggers are so angry about Ark Encounter, his Noah’s Ark theme park set to open this summer.

It’s not because we think they’re getting a tax break despite their preferential Christian hiring. It’s not because they’re promoting nonsense that has no basis in science. And it’s not because the surrounding community is going to be screwed over as a result of the theme park.

It’s because we hate Christianity.


Arkophobia hit an all-time high the week of January 25. That’s when a federal judge issued a major ruling that gave a huge win to Answers in Genesis in our religious freedom lawsuit against the State of Kentucky and the actions of the previous governor, Steve Beshear.

Well, that federal decision was too much for the secularist/atheist bloggers. That’s when Arkophobia was at its height. Many secularists were already livid that a Christian organization is building such a massive tourist facility that will have a huge impact in the culture as it proclaims a Christian message! They just can’t stand it! Their hatred against Christianity was so clear after the ruling.

Secularists oppose the Ark because they are afraid of the Ark’s goal: to proclaim the everlasting gospel.

It’s all just part of his persecution fantasy.

We’re not afraid of Christians preaching. If that were true, we’d be protesting the existence of every church in America. We don’t.

And I don’t think anyone believes the Ark will “have a huge impact in the culture.” It’ll be entertaining for a couple of days when it opens, it’s be ridiculed for weeks as visitors point out all the “facts” that are contradicted by what we know about science, and then it’ll be forgotten by the general public.

Sure, some fundamentalists will continue to visit it. But the novelty will eventually wear off.

No one has “Arkophobia.”

The only thing we’re scared of is that some children will grow up with a warped view of what science is (and how it works) because they’ve been lied to by Ham. It doesn’t matter if it’s through his books, the Creation Museum, or Ark Encounter. It’s all the same bullshit story, and those kids deserve to know that just about every real, in-the-field working scientist don’t accept a word of what Ham is selling.

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