Who Are These Students Not Participating in a Massive, Adult-Led Cafeteria Prayer? March 11, 2016

Who Are These Students Not Participating in a Massive, Adult-Led Cafeteria Prayer?

Last month at Hollister Middle School in Missouri, this was the sight at lunchtime:


That grainy cellphone footage shows Robert Bruce, a local chapter director for Christian group KLIFE, apparently leading a prayer in the middle of the lunchroom as students stand around him. Because this wasn’t 100% student-led, the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote a letter to District officials urging them to put a stop to this. As of this writing, the problem hasn’t been resolved.

But there has been an interesting update.

A picture of the lunchroom went viral on Reddit because it showed a handful of students not in the circle. Instead of joining in the prayer, they sat and ate their lunch.


Another image popped up on Facebook, too:


Obviously, I don’t know what’s going through their heads. Are they atheists? Are they Christians who feel this sort of prayer doesn’t belong in their school? Do they just want to eat their damn lunch in peace? I wish I knew!

I tried to get in contact with them to no avail.

If anyone knows who they are — maybe they’re reading this — please get in touch with me!

By the way, I should note that there’s a discrepancy between the video, which has circular tables, and the pictures, which have long tables. Not sure what that’s about, but everything still points to the same middle school.

***Edit***: Commenters rightly point out that the ceilings are different in the video and images. So it’s possibly two different schools; the bottom pictures appear to be from a high school. I’ll try to get clarification.

(Portions of this article were published earlier. The headline originally said these were “high school” students, but they’re in middle school. Apologies for the error.)

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