A Florida Mayor May Be Removed from Office After Satanist Points Out Numerous Ethical Violations March 10, 2016

A Florida Mayor May Be Removed from Office After Satanist Points Out Numerous Ethical Violations

The Mayor of Deerfield Beach, Florida, Jean Robb, could be removed from office after the State Ethics Commission found “probably cause” that she misused her office to benefit her church.


The alleged violations include:

— Giving her pastor a beach parking sticker reserved for city employees.
— Telling city officials involved in code enforcement to back off a luxury automobile dealership because the owner donated “two $500 checks” to her favorite charities.
— Having the city clean up her church’s parking lot after an event.

There’s more where that came from, but none of it looks good.

Robb served as mayor from 1980 to 1993. She was elected once again in 2013 and is up for re-election next year. If the Ethics Commission finds her guilty of these violations, she may be forced to step down from her position.

But maybe the most interesting aspect of this story is the person who filed these charges in the first place: Chaz Stevens, the Satanist activist best known for putting up a Festivus pole in the State Capitol and erecting other provocative displays on government property.

… Chaz Stevens, the Deerfield Beach blogger who filed the charges, said his prayers have been answered.

“Satan and I are vindicated,” said the church-state separation activist, who has spurred cities to drop religious invocations by applying to lead one to Satan.

I’m glad Satan is happy.

Given all the criticism of Stevens’ displays, it’s important to remember that activism takes many forms and you might disagree with some of them. But this is a wonderful example of a citizen taking action when a government official abuses the system. If Robb is found guilty, Stevens deserves all the credit for making it happen.

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