Billboard Company Cancels Contract for Sign Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy March 6, 2016

Billboard Company Cancels Contract for Sign Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy

Last week, I posted about a billboard that was slated to go up in Los Angeles. It called out the practice of “Disconnection” in Scientology, in which people who leave the Church are essentially shunned by those who remain in it, even if that means family members.

Thousands of dollars were raised during a fundraising campaign for a “Stop Scientology Disconnection” billboard on Hollywood Blvd.


Unfortunately, that billboard has hit a major snag: The billboard company Outfront has canceled its contract with former Scientologist Phil Jones:

“The head office in New York decided to cancel the contract and they said they won’t be giving us any space,” Phil tells us. “I asked, but they wouldn’t say if there was any outside influence. Might have just been the Scientology thing. It does worry people.”

Phil admitted that he was taken by surprise. After signing a contract and setting a date, he believed that the billboard was a done deal. “We actually had a copy of the contract signed by their office here sent to us,” he says, explaining that he wanted to make sure and have a signed copy for his records. “I think the clause on artwork approval was their loophole, but they wouldn’t even entertain us changing the artwork.”

Jones says he’ll look for additional billboard outlets. Surely, there’s a company willing to take all this cash in exchange for a harmless sign… unless they all think the famously litigious Church will come after them for daring to criticize their practices.

(Thanks to @Betsy_Manning for the link)

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