Atheist NFL Star Arian Foster Released by the Houston Texans March 3, 2016

Atheist NFL Star Arian Foster Released by the Houston Texans

Arian Foster, the atheist NFL star who spent almost all of last season on the sidelines due to injury, has been released from the Houston Texans after seven seasons.

“There are not many players I respect more than Arian Foster,” Texans general manager Rick Smith said in a statement. “He maximized his opportunity as an undrafted college free agent and worked to become the most productive back in franchise history, and one of the most complete backs in the NFL during his tenure with the Texans.

“Arian has contributed much, and meant a great deal to the success of the franchise over the past seven seasons and we wish only the best as he continues his playing career.”

The last time Foster played in all 16 games was in 2012. During the 2015 season, he missed 12 games due to a torn groin suffered during the Texans’ first padded training camp practice in August and a torn Achilles tendon in Week 7. He had his second surgery of the season after the tendon tear and missed the rest of the year. He posted career worsts in yards per rush, rushing yards per game and first-down percentage in 2015.

It’s obviously a business decision that has nothing to do with his open atheism, but I’d hate to see the one of the most (if not only) prominent atheists in sports lose the platform that he has. Let’s hope the four-time Pro Bowler gets picked up by another team soon.

Foster hasn’t issued any public statement yet, but his most recent activity on Twitter is a retweet of someone who was mocking a literal interpretation of the Bible:


We wish him the best.

(Image via Facebook)

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