Ben Carson, Who Felt God’s Fingers Pushing Him to Run for President, Hints at Suspending Campaign March 2, 2016

Ben Carson, Who Felt God’s Fingers Pushing Him to Run for President, Hints at Suspending Campaign

It was late 2014 when Dr. Ben Carson told the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody that he felt God’s “fingers” urging him to run for President.

The fingers must have eventually pushed hard enough since Carson announced his candidacy in April of 2015. His run, however, was full of embarrassments.

He said America would benefit from some ISIS-like zeal.

He argued that prison turns people gay, proving that homosexuality is “absolutely” a choice.

He told us he aced his college Chemistry final because God gave him all the answers.

He said Muslims shouldn’t be President because they don’t share American values.

He told us how he’d save the day in his school shooting fantasy.

He blamed the Holocaust on Jews who didn’t have guns.

Don’t forget his claim that the pyramids were built to store grain.

And, just this week, he said that, if elected President, he would overturn the non-existent ban on Christianity in public schools.

It turns out that all that twisted thinking wasn’t enough to secure the Republican nomination because the other candidates are that much more deranged. Carson was somehow not delusional enough to win over Republicans who think Donald Trump is their fearless leader.

But maybe Carson is finally coming to his senses. He announced this afternoon that there’s no “political path forward,” hinting that he’d soon be leaving the race. An official announcement is suspected by the end of the week.

Ben Carson announced that he will not participate in the Fox News debate in Detroit on Thursday, saying “I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results.”

The announcement comes after a dismal showing on Super Tuesday, in which he finished last or next-to-last in all 12 contests.

If he’s not participating in Thursday’s debate, and the delegate math isn’t in his favor, it’s hard to see how he doesn’t suspend his campaign soon, no matter what he says.

Carson was a hero to many African-Americans before this race due to all he overcame to become a doctor and his skills as a neurosurgeon. The bright side to his campaign is that he probably tarnished his own reputation among that population in the process. He may have been a great doctor, but the consensus, I hope, will be that he’s still not someone worth admiring as a whole because of all the awful beliefs he holds.

I guess God finally lifted His fingers in order to give Trump a massage.

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