Pastor Mark Driscoll Has Been Sued for What Plaintiffs Call a “Pattern of Racketeering” March 1, 2016

Pastor Mark Driscoll Has Been Sued for What Plaintiffs Call a “Pattern of Racketeering”

Donald Trump isn’t the only person being accused of racketeering.

It looks like Pastor Mark Driscoll (below, with his wife) and his Mars Hill colleague Sutton Turner are also being charged with accepting money for church projects that never actually came to fruition.


The examples of possible fraud include:

  • Driscoll’s book, which became a bestseller only because the church spent about $235,000 of its own funds buying copies and paying a third party company, ResultSource, Inc., for helping them cheat their way onto those lists.
  • The overseas ministry program, which took in millions of dollars before it was shut down. The earmarked money went into the church’s general fund, but the congregation and donors were not told where it went after that.
  • The Jesus Festival, an outdoor event for which the church raised nearly $3 million… only to announce that the festival would be postponed. The church never announced where that money went.

You get the picture. Driscoll and his buddy took in millions of dollars from their church members, kept the spending details hidden from them, and then seemed to think everyone would forget about it.

In the meantime, Driscoll announced a month ago that he’d be opening up a new church in Phoenix, Arizona. I guess there’s fresh meat there.

Warren Throckmorton has a copy of the lawsuit and I would urge you to read it in full, just to see the lengths some Christian leaders will go to to advance their own agendas and make themselves look great in the process. What a disturbing story all around.

If nothing else, let’s hope the lawsuit leads to a lot of transparency about what Mars Hill actually did with the money it took in. Any church that keeps its finances hidden even from its own members is a shady organization that shouldn’t be trusted.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Larry for the link)

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