One Woman’s Fight to Stop Deadly Accusations of Witchcraft in India February 29, 2016

One Woman’s Fight to Stop Deadly Accusations of Witchcraft in India

In India, where superstitions run rampant and accusations of witchcraft can be a deathwish for women like it was Salem in the 1600s, Birubala Rabha is fighting to protect them.

Journalist Vikram Singh documented her work for the New York Times:


Rabha has been successful in getting Assam State legislators to pass a law criminalizing accusations of witchcraft (the penalty could be life imprisonment if the victim commits suicide as a result). But that doesn’t mean the belief is gone.

Superstitions and bad ideas don’t disappear just because there’s a law against them. If anything, people who think sorcery is real may just think they’re being persecuted.

Still, the video offers a fascinating glimpse at how one person is trying to overcome irrationality.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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