Billboard Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy Will Soon Go Up in Los Angeles February 29, 2016

Billboard Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy Will Soon Go Up in Los Angeles

We talk a lot on this site about the idea of Disfellowshipping, where Jehovah’s Witnesses require followers to shun people who have left the faith, even if it’s their own children.

Scientology has something similar. It’s called Disconnection and it, too, has torn apart countless numbers of families.

But as of this morning, a fundraising campaign for a “Stop Scientology Disconnection” billboard on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles has reached its goal of $8,200:


The $8200 will get the billboard up for 3 months. If we do go over this amount we’ll put it up for longer. All of your support is so very much appreciated. We are making a life campaign of fighting Scientology Disconnection.

Scientology watchdog Tony Ortega can’t contain his excitement:

… we hastily wrote a quick story about [the billboard] and added it to the end of Rod’s post. With the GoFundMe already live — but with only $70 pledged — we couldn’t afford to wait to make a post just about the billboard.

Then, at 7 am on Sunday, the story hit, and you, our readers, took over. By mid-morning, someone had anonymously donated $1,000 as the money poured in. And what fun it was to keep refreshing to see how high it had reached.

“I am so grateful to so many people, all of whom care so much, and many who are embroiled in their own disconnection situations,” Phil tells us. “One thing I learned, of myself, is that this has grown bigger than Willie and me. Someone asked what we’d do if we got a call saying the kids would reconnect if we dropped the billboard. As heartbreaking as all of this has been I would not be able to desert the others. I didn’t hesitate. I would not accept any terms on this other than that which would include ALL of those who suffer from the abuse of Scientology disconnection. We are in it to the end.

The billboard will soon go up in a city where Scientology sheep live in high numbers. Maybe some of them will get the message.

(Thanks to @Betsy_Manning for the link)

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