Christian Blogger: Adult Coloring Books with Mandalas Open the Door to Demons February 26, 2016

Christian Blogger: Adult Coloring Books with Mandalas Open the Door to Demons

If you’re one of the 32984932423 people who bought an adult coloring book over the past year, it’s probably because you thought it was fun, relaxing, and a pleasant distraction from the stresses of the world.


That particular kind of pattern is called a “mandala.” It has a loose connection to the cosmos in some Indian religions, but most people don’t know or care about that. They just see it and think, “Ooh, pretty.”

Leave it to a Christian to ruin all the fun.

According to the blogger at The Last Hiker, Christians ought to “stay away from mandalas.”

Is it really about coloring?

Or is it about spiritual hosts of wickedness sneaking mandalas into our homes and into our subconscious minds?

Is it really about recreation or is it New Age evangelism?

I can color all I want.

But if I do, I am going to get a big fat coloring book of Bible stories.

It isn’t so trendy and cool, but at least it is honest.

Umm… it really is about coloring and recreation.

If it was more enjoyable to color in barnyard animals, then you’d be seeing a bunch of books featuring cows and pigs. But there’s something about coloring in these intricate designs that requires a steady hand and a sharp focus. We didn’t possess those qualities as children, which is why we couldn’t have colored these images back then. That’s part of the fun.

But, you know, if you think adult coloring books are just a portal for the Devil, that’s cool, too…

It’s Christians like this who complain when high schools offer yoga clubs. They think it’s an evil practice instead of a way to relax and destress.

Too bad. You feel pretty damn good after you’re done coloring those pages.

(via Love, Joy, Feminism. Image via Shutterstock)

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