Right Now, There’s an Upside-Down Butt Plugged Jesus in Front of Pompano Beach (FL) City Hall February 16, 2016

Right Now, There’s an Upside-Down Butt Plugged Jesus in Front of Pompano Beach (FL) City Hall

If you walk by Pompano Beach City Hall in Florida right now, you’ll now see this not-so-family-friendly display:


That upside-down cross comes courtesy of Chaz Stevens and his Church of Satanic Activism. He’s on a mission to troll every city that allows religious displays on government property in order to get them to change their policies.

Oh. And since it’s a little hard to tell from the image, you see that reddish-looking thing in Jesus’ nether regions? That would be a red butt plug sticking out of the display.

Because America. That’s why.

Stevens has some history in this city. Last summer, Pompano Beach officials changed their invocation policies specifically to exclude Stevens (and members of other minority “faiths”) from speaking at meetings.

Stevens tells me he didn’t get approval for this display, but “since it was public property, there weren’t any trespassing signs, and we sort of told them we might come (some day), well, that was good enough for us.”

Should make for an interesting morning…

There are more displays in the works, I’m told. You’ll hear about them as early as this weekend.

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