Richard Dawkins Postpones Speaking Tour After Minor Stroke February 12, 2016

Richard Dawkins Postpones Speaking Tour After Minor Stroke

74-year-old Richard Dawkins suffered a minor stroke last Saturday night, causing him to postpone his upcoming tour through New Zealand and Australia. He appears to be doing just fine — he went to the hospital, is already back at home recuperating, and is expected to have a full (or near-full) recovery.


The news went public last night as various venues had to explain to ticket holders why Dawkins would not be appearing as scheduled. The Sydney Opera House, for example, released a statement saying that tickets would be refunded while other venues said that tickets would remain valid for whenever the event is rescheduled.

As of yesterday, Dawkins is already back on Twitter, so don’t worry. People will be mad at him again *real* soon.

We wish him a full, speedy recovery.

(Image via Albert H. Teich /

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