This is the Worst Game Ever, but I Can’t Stop Playing February 8, 2016

This is the Worst Game Ever, but I Can’t Stop Playing

Webb Pickersgill offers a review of one of the most frustrating games he’s ever played.

It’s called “Life.” And it’s really, really annoying.

You’d think the Developer would’ve worked out some of the kinks before shipping it out…


This is my review of the VR MMORPG open-world action/adventure real-time strategy puzzle simulation hardcore-mode crafting sandbox game called “Life”. It was officially released about 14 billion years ago, but is apparently still in development.

The game has had many patches and upgrades over the years to support better features, more players, new quests and more complex puzzles. It is without a doubt the most popular, widely played game ever developed. It is fun to play and so immersive that many players don’t even realize they’re playing and take it way too seriously. I have many issues with the game mechanics and more importantly the responsiveness and decisions made by the Game’s Original Developer (GOD for short).

My favorite line:

Without a simple tutorial level, players typically spend up to 18 years just trying to understand the basic controls.

And, like Pickersgill points out, GOD never should have allowed the game to include a First-person shooter mode.

Read the whole piece here.

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