Atheist Socialist Announces Candidacy for Vermont Lieutenant Governor in Bizarre Video February 8, 2016

Atheist Socialist Announces Candidacy for Vermont Lieutenant Governor in Bizarre Video

72-year-old Boots Wardinski has announced his candidacy to become the next Lieutenant Governor of Vermont. And in a state that gave rise to Bernie Sanders Wardinski is hoping that independent streak will carry him to victory, as he’s running on behalf of the Progressive Party.

This is the actual picture on his campaign website.
This is the actual picture on Boots Wardinski’s campaign website.

His first campaign ad, which would give traditional campaign managers a heart attack, touts his socialism, pacifism, and atheism… while using poor audio and showing a rudimentary horse carriage-like-thing.

Vote Boots

The campaign's first ad.

Posted by Boots for Vermont on Sunday, February 7, 2016

According to the campaign announcement:

Wardinski, an organic farmer and horse logger, has a long and distinguished record as a social justice, antiwar and environmental activist, having participated in numerous acts of civil disobedience, including arrests for protesting the hypocrisy of Vermont’s congressional delegation continuing to fund illegal wars and the obscene military spending that goes with them.

“I’m a socialist, a pacifist, and an atheist,” said Boots. “Which means: I’m compassionate, peaceful, and rational.”

Sounds nice… though it hasn’t worked for him in the past. Wardinski’s previous campaigns, during which he represented the Liberty Union Party, didn’t end very well. He got no more than 2% of the vote each time.

The current Lieutenant Governor, Republican Phil Scott, has announced his intention to run for Governor, so there will be a vacancy in his old seat. But even Sanders has learned to temper his more lefty/liberal positions. Wardinski is using those as a selling point.

Even in Vermont, it’s hard to see how that will lead to political success.

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